Visuals, Sounds.

KENZO, Holiday.

Directed + Composed Shot in Paris, with Company and Louis Evennou.


Pop Training Company, Season II.

Directed + Composed —Shot in Amsterdam, with Artillerie and Noël Schoolderman.


be right back (brb), A Film Installation by Fabio de Frel.


Shot in Tarragona , with Artillerie, Sacha Naceri & Uri Barcelona.

Why are we all feeling so overwhelmed? What does it mean to search for ourselves in the digital age? How are our screens affecting our self-image?

Exploring the impact of our online behaviour on our sense of self, director Fabio de Frel presents his debut film installation Be Right Back (brb). With a focus on the younger generation’s lived experience, the project delves into the search for identity in a world where we put our lives on display.

Full installation soundscape composed by Fabio de Frel & Julio Martin.

. 6.   The digital era can’t explain it all.